Finding collections relating to d/Deaf, disabled and neurodiverse people

One of the aims of our project is to make collections relating to d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people more visible – and to share some of the highlighted objects from our 20 museum partners here. We will also be weaving the background and connections of these objects into our blogs and stories.

As we develop this section, some of the objects will have quite obvious connections to disabled people’s lives – a walking stick or wheelchair, some braille or images of disabled people. But we will also be exploring less obvious connections too – both from further back in history, where we will dig into myth and association in the Classical world, and in modern times. Sometimes the significance of an object is its owner, or its part in a bigger story.

In this way we hope to broaden the ways that d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people can be made visible – and expand collections that can be used to tell their stories.




1 walking stick: glass; good condition; length 100 cms

This walking stick is made of hollow green spiral glass, and has a curved handle.