The Equity of Recruitment – a “Fair” Process?

This online event was held on Thursday 13th October 2022. This sector forum explored the lessons learnt from the recruitment phase of the programme.

We brought together lead advocates for inclusive recruitment practice in the museums sector; Curating for Change partner museums who have enacted change within their organisations; and our Fellows and Trainees with that lived experience of the recruitment process.

The ideas and experiences explored at this forum contributed to the sector action plan We Are Not All The Same, which you can download below.

Watch the event videos

Please note that the BSL interpretation was filmed live for the delegates present at the time and this was not a scripted event.

Session 1: Keynote, Esther Fox, Head of Accentuate

Session 2: Recruitment Actions: Lessons Learnt through Curating for Change. Emily Goff, Curating for Change Project Manager.
Session 3: Fellows and Trainees present their experiences of the Curating for Change recruitment process.
Session 4: Panel discussion. We Are Not All the Same: How can treating people as individuals enable equity in the recruitment process?
Session 5: Our Curating for Change museum partners present what they have learnt and enacted.
Session 6: What have you learnt and what actions do you want to explore on returning to your institutions. Facilitated by Tamsin Russell.

Visual minutes

Visual Minutes by Esther Springett