Follow our groundbreaking project as 16 D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent curatorial Trainees and Fellows work in museums across England and uncover new stories in collections.

Why Curating for Change?

Curating for Change exists to create strong career pathways for d/Deaf, disabled and neurodiverse curators, currently seriously under-represented in museums. Our Trainees and Fellows will produce exhibitions, events and blogs, exploring disabled people’s histories – while gaining skills for careers in the sector.

“As an autistic person that’s struggled for the last four years…to get a meaningful foothold in the Curatorial space…the opportunity presented by this programme is both deeply moving personally, but also of great interest.”

Delivered by Accentuate at Screen South

Curating for Change is being delivered by Screen South [EF1] through the Accentuate Programme. Accentuate provides ground-breaking opportunities for D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people in the cultural sector and is one of Screen South’s portfolio of programmes.

Working with museums of all sizes

Our partners are a large representative cross section of the range of museums – from large nationals like The Imperial War Museum to smaller locals like North Hertfordshire Museum and city regionals such as Bristol Culture and Colchester and Ipswich Museums. We are also glad to have sector bodies on board ranging from the Museums Association to VocalEyes.

Through Curating for Change, our museum partners are also on a learning curve – rethinking everything from how to word job advertisements, to the implications of hybrid working – which is changing the workplace for all, but can have particularly liberating implications for d/Deaf, disabled and neurodiverse staff.

Where we are now – and next steps

With thanks to funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund, as of autumn 2022, our  Fellows and Trainees are in post. What we have learned already is that there is an incredibly high level of untapped talent among disabled people who want to work in this sector – something that we will be privileged to help develop over the next 18 months of our project. We believe that by changing through doing – giving people opportunity, and helping them to act as role models, we can permanently shift underlying assumptions about who can pursue a museum career.

What we’re aiming for is a future where it is unremarkable for museums to employ d/Deaf, disabled and neurodiverse people, where meaningful adjustments to enable that work are normalised – and where there is genuine equity for all. Most importantly, we also want to demonstrate the value that disabled people can bring to a curatorial role.

Coming soon on this site

We will be using this site both to tell the story of museum collection items relating to disabled people’s history and what we have learned about them. There will be listings of events and exhibitions – and a chance to take part in activities both live in our partner museums, and through virtual events online.

We will also be discussing the workforce development aspects of the project, and offering toolkits and insights into creating a more diverse staff body.

Social media and mailing list

We are currently on Twitter at @Curating4Change, and Instagram at curatingforchange. You can also drop us a line at [email protected] to join our mailing list – let us know if you’re interested in collections, events and exhibitions, or museum workforce development – or both.